Every Piece A Part is a process of mending; it is the sound of thread passing through and through, from one generation to the next.

This exhibition explores a landscape of public and private histories through an iteration of textile design and fiber arts. My work derives from extensive research into my family’s involvement in the textile industry in both Lodz, Poland and Paterson, New Jersey.

Interested in our abiding relationship to things and their histories, I collected, mended and designed works out of recycled and antique materials. I reimagine the archive as ephemeral, unofficial and fleeting. Kinetic and repetitious methods create an embodiment of material through an engagement of multiple senses. This subversion of the otherwise fixed and mediated archive begs the question: How can we view processes of mending and loving as critical tools in developing accessible histories?

A List In Order of Consequence
muslin, plaster

Precisely the Weight of Your Mother
nautical rope, hand-sewn sand bag, stone, hand-netting, cast iron pulleys

A Brief Encounter
video projection, hand-sewn dress

The Very Thought of You
red thread, linen, player piano code, cello performed by Georgia Beatty

antique ironing board, red thread, fabricated crank

the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence